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Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Art Online

1. How can I buy art from your online gallery?

1) Browse the gallery and select the artwork that interests you.

2) On the page with the price, size, and description, click the PayPal button.

3) A new PayPal window will be displayed; login to PayPal and follow their process.

4) Once completed the PayPal window will close and you should see a "Transaction Successful! Thank you message" from my webpage.

5) I will get in touch to confirm your order and the shipping details.

2. How can I pay for selected artworks?

Currently I only accept PayPal payments; I am working towards a greater payment offering.

3. Is the payment secure?

Yes, PayPal takes its platform security so seriously that it offers financial rewards to computer security experts who discover any breaches, flaws and vulnerabilities in PayPal's digital data defense system.

PayPal offers buyers "payback" protection if their payments are made and they don't receive the merchandise they ordered - giving buyers some peace of mind that their money transmittal on PayPal is covered.

4. Do you ship Worldwide?

Unfortunately not at this time. Currently, shipping is for the UK only. If you have any questions regarding destination - please Contact Me.

5. How much does the shipping cost?

I offer FREE UK SHIPPING for all of my artwork.

6.How will my artwork be packaged?

With all the time and energy spent in creating my art, I take great pains to ensure its safe delivery to you.

The pieces will be carefully wrapped in acid-free paper to protect against moisture.

A4 size paintings will arrive flat in a reinforced envelope.

A3 and above will be carefully rolled and packed in a cardboard tube.

Both methods will have fragile labelling to advise the courier.

7. Where is your gallery located?

I live and work from my studio in my self-renovated canal cottage in the Midlands UK. See my About Me page for more details.

8. How do I know that I will receive the artwork I have paid for?

All artworks are shipped with a reliable company and you will receive a tracking number as soon as the artwork is dispatched.

9. How long will it take for my artwork to arrive?

The artwork should be delivered to you within 1 week, depending on your location.

10. Do I have to pay any import taxes for my art?

I only offer UK shipping at this time so there shouldn't be any import taxes to pay.

11. What happens if the artwork arrives damaged?

I package all of my artwork very carefully but of course accidents may happen, which is why all of my artworks are insured.

If the artwork arrives damaged, I will kindly ask you to return it to me and will reimburse you or replace it with another piece.

Check my Refunds Policy for details.

12. What if I do not like the artwork I ordered?

I really hope that this will not happen.

However, I will do my best to find a solution by replacing an artwork or reimbursing you as long as you can ship the piece back to me safely and without any damage.

See my Refund Policy for details.

13. Can I buy your artworks on other platforms?

Yes, I have some work on my Instagram page, please follow me or click the link at the bottom of this page.

14. Can I commission artwork?

Yes, you can commission an original piece of artwork from me.

Please fill out my Contact Me page and let me know your requirements and we can discuss the details.

More questions? Please get in touch!

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